Saturday, July 5, 2014

A Completed Project

I'm finally able to post a photo of this appliquéd picture
which I finished recently for someone who is very dear to me.

It is a project I have worked on for many years, due both to its complexity
and to my own procrastination. I'm so happy to have completed it and sent it to its owner.

I do very few house/building portraits these days, but this one has
a special meaning for its owner, and I was happy be able to do it.

Hope you're having a wonderful weekend!


Anonymous said...

Wow! Congratulations on such a beautiful finish. I absolutely adore the trees!
Stay inspired!

Nedra Weaver said...

Judy, this is spectacular and so is the house and property!! The recipient will love it. The detail is amazing!!

Karen L R said...

Love your house portraits! This one is especially beautiful, Judy.

Anonymous said...

This is beautiful! The recipient will be so happy. I love how the light plays in the plants and the trees...not an easy task with fabric. :)

sharon said...

You've done it again, Judy. I get distracted for a couple of days and you post several amazing blogs!! Love your hand made and repurposed tools for felting that lovely roving. And the building portrait is absolutely amazing. I surely would have loved to see it in person. You are a genius at this art form and the new owner must be thrilled beyond words. So glad for both of you that you were able to finish it at last.
And yes, I did have a very fine 4th of July weekend, my friend. Thank you.

Simone said...

A beautiful labour of love. x

Anne Butera said...

This is amazingly beautiful! I treasure the portrait you did of my old house and I know the recipient of this house portrait will treasure it as well!