Tuesday, July 22, 2014


A new character in my series -
this time taken from real life!

Carolyn is my neighbor.
She loves her family and her dog Pedro,
and gardening in her back yard.
She calls the home she shares with her husband
"The Nest",
and their Mini Lite camper, with a newly
added screen porch,
situated in a wooded camp ground,
 is a happy escape for the members of her family.
She is a nature lover,
and enjoys her flowers
and home grown vegetables.
Her laughter rings out like
the soft wind chimes that hang from her house,
and she is a comfort
to all who know her.


Simone said...

I think we would all want to live next door to Carolyn! Lovely portrait Judy! x

Nan and =^..^= said...

Beautiful portrait of Carolyn and Pedro...you captured their essence with your wonderful art and words.

Anne Butera said...

What a sweet portrait of your lovely neighbor (and her adorable dog!)!


outofagreatneed said...

Beautiful...absolutely beautiful. :)

sharon said...

Been enjoying each of your ladies and their stories. Do I detect a bit of Judy in each of them??
Hope you plan on introducing us to more, even if July is fast approaching its end….