Wednesday, July 9, 2014



Elizabeth is the favorite nurse 
of the residents of Shady Elms Nursing Home.
When they see her, they think of 
springtime and daisies 
and Doris Day.
Her voice has a lilt
and her sense of humor brightens the
dull routine of the residents' lives. 
She is their advocate and treats them all 
with humor, care and respect,
 and because of these things
  she is greatly loved.

Sad to say, Elizabeth
does not love herself.
She hates what she considers her full cheeks
 and her plump figure,
and the freckles that sprinkle over her nose.
She compares herself to models and movie stars
and wishes that she could be someone else.
She has no idea how she lights up a room,
and how beauty shines out through
her wholesome face.

And so she dreams of a diet or face cream
or some other miracle
that will make her as beautiful
as, everyone knows,
 she already,


Shell said...

I always enjoy your portrait characters. One day, perhaps you can put all of them in a book.

outofagreatneed said...

Love, love, love your portrait characters...I agree with Shell...they need to find their place in a book...each character is so unique.

Simone said...

I love Elizabeth! It is nice to hear a little story behind each character. x

From Your Mindseye said...

I know so many Elizabeths in the world. Their beauty shines bright but they can't see the light.

Thank you for bringing her to life.

Anne Butera said...

Beautiful, Judy. Brought tears to my eyes.