Friday, January 2, 2015

A New Word for a New Year

Like many people, I've chosen a word to inspire 
me during the year 2015, and that word is

I'm not usually a risk taker, but I was inspired by this quote 
I saw on Facebook:

You know all those things
you've always wanted to do?
You should go
 do them.

I'm thinking of the risks I avoid taking in
so many areas of my life.
I want this year to be one of attempting new things,
being a bit daring
and jumping in when I would normally hold back,
paralyzed by fear.

I'll be taking more risks, in my artwork and in my
approach to life.

We'll see what happens when I
live a bit more bravely.

I know that good things will happen!

Hope your January is off to a good start.



Anonymous said...

:)I love it!

Libby Fife said...

I wish you luck with your word choice. Who knows what will happen next??? :)

Karen L R said...

Leap, and the net will appear.
-John Burroughs

Happy 2015, Judy!

sharon said...

Go for it, Judy. We often find the road blocks we thought existed were of our own making.

Shell said...

Happy New Year,Judy. That is a great word for 2015.

Anne Butera said...

Daring! What a wonderful goal for 2015! I cannot wait to see where this year of RISK takes you, Judy!