Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Late January

I feel like my mind has been in a whirl since my last post, but all is well. I was scheduled to have an exhibit at our wonderful local gallery, Create Artisan Studio, in February, but soon realized that I would  not be ready in time. We delayed my show until April, which should be perfect and, in the meantime, I began a big reorganization of my sewing room/studio. I seem to always bite off more than I can chew!

I did finish the embroidered girl I had begun and I'm happy with the combination of hand stitching with a bit of fabric accent. I think she looks a bit like my daughter.

We're just seeing the end of a huge blizzard here in New England. Photos don't capture the high winds and swirling snow but we do have a lot of snow and bitterly cold temperatures. Here are a few of my "blizzard" photos - all taken from safely inside the house!

I'm so grateful to my husband for using the snowblower to clear our driveway!



sharon said...

Oh so glad to see you posting again and even more glad to see that Bill was with you during the storm. Your stitched beauty does indeed remind me of Kate. But I think the sparkle in the eyes must be all Judy.

From Your Mindseye said...

My immediate thought was of Kate when I first saw your piece.
Glad you are home and Bill is too. Be safe.


Karen L R said...

That was quite some storm in Massachusetts! Doug and Ra really got slammed big time in Marshfield. Doug was out in the midst of it, on snowshoes, checking on the bogs and got some great pictures. I'm so thankful that most folks came through unscathed.

Love your thread painting.


Nan and =^..^= said...

Hi Judy,
Am glad you made it through the storm safe and sound. We are still shoveling.
I think your embroidered girl does resemble Kate!
Enjoy your newly reorganized studio….

Anne Butera said...

I was thinking just that, Judy... she does look like your daughter. You are so good at faces.

I'm glad you've survived the blizzard. We haven't been getting much of anything here and in some ways I think that makes winter harder. The dirty, muddy ugliness is not my favorite part of winter.

I'm also glad that you delayed your show. Good to know your limits and allow yourself time to create without a rush. I hope you'll share lots of your creations on your blog.