Monday, February 2, 2015

Snow Day

It is a very snowy, blustery day here in New England, and the new, rapidly
 falling snow is adding about a foot to our already high snow banks.
Children have the day off from school, my husband is working from home,
and I am building fused fabric trees on a teflon sheet on my dining room table.
This will later be lifted up intact and placed on an in-process landscape.
I'm hoping that the different colors will add dimension to the tree.

Outside our front door, the snow has totally blanketed our front walk
and post lamps on each side. This will be a job for the snow blower!

In the backyard, the snow is building up against the fence. The photos
don't capture the swirling snow as it falls, but it is accumulating rapidly.

I hope that all of my blogging friends are cosy and warm,
wherever you are.

Have a wonderful Monday!



Anonymous said...

What a storm. I'm glad your husband is working from home today. :)

Libby Fife said...

That is just a tremendous amount of snow! Wow!

Stay safe. Glad that your husband is home and not out and about:)

sharon said...

Who ever outgrows the desire for a snow day??
With your honey at home, art on the table, and no doubt something warm on the stove, it sounds like bliss.
Love seeing the progress on that tree of many colors. Wish I could watch you in action...

Simone said...

Want to do a snow swap Judy? We have barely had any snow in well over a year. Just think of all the lovely bulbs hiding under the snow ready to emerge in the spring! x

Anne Butera said...

Wow! You sure are getting a lot! We finally got a little more here. Making everything look a bit cleaner and less dreary. Glad you were cozy inside creating. That tree looks lovely!