Sunday, September 20, 2015

Sketchbook Venting!!

Don't worry - I'm fine.
But don't you feel at times that things are overwhelming?
I know I do!

I like to express a bit of emotion in my sketches, obviously!

Here's wishing you a wonderful week!


sharon said...

Judy, despite the message I find this a very gentle sketch… her expression shows she's taken the time to go into herself as she knows she must. Not so much a look of "GO AWAY!" but one of "Ok self, I'm here." You certainly have a gift with faces. I usually look at the eyes of your drawings and see the light there. Here, even with her eyes closed, she's radiating her light. Thanks for beginning my week with this lovely drawing.

Jennifer Richardson said...

So good to see you again and to feel your honesty sketched out
clear and brave.....always love your open way:)
Peace to you in the prickles,

Shell said...

I know that feeling. Especially after a long day!

Anne Butera said...

Yes, I know exactly how that feels. I've never translated it into a sketch, I usually journal it.

Hope YOU are having a wonderful week, Judy!

Simone said...

Lovely sketch Judy. That picture resonates with me!!! x

Amy Hauschild said...

Hope your daily sketching process is still fulfilling! I recently went on a screen printing from home course in Copenhagen. With a British textile designer called Karen Lewis, it was a fantastic course and I can see endless possibilities combined with embroidery.
I wanted to know if you have Instagram (mine is @amy_hauschild) as I have decided that Blogger is not for me, and I use FB and instagram much more but I thought it would be fun to still follow what you do and keep in touch occasionally! take care and keep creating! Amy xx