Monday, October 5, 2015

Sketching and Greeting Fall

Time seems to be flying by lately. I can see already that Fall will be a busy season.I've done a few drawings in my sketchbook and I'm liking the look of  a grey pentech marker outline and colored pencil. Of course, underneath it all is a pencil sketch. I'm going for a graphic rather than a realistic look. 

Our daughter Kate was visiting recently, taking a break from her artist's residency at NYU, and we had a great time watching the lunar eclipse on our front walkway together with my husband Bill. We all took turns taking pictures, and this was the one time I wished I had a better camera. It was a wonderful experience!

And finally, we had a few gloomy days of heavy rain and the cats flopped on a bed
 and never came up for air except for meals. I was tempted to do the same thing, but didn't!

Hope you're having a good beginning of October, my favorite month!
See you soon!


Simone said...

Lovely sketch Judy. I like the graphic look! Your photos of the lunar eclipse are amazing! I woke up four times in the night to see it and the sky was black and I couldn't see the moon anywhere!!! The cats look cosy on your bed. If Gizmo escapes to my bedroom he often sits right on top of my pillow too! x

Anne Butera said...

Your sketch is so sweet, Judy. I'm glad you all got to enjoy the eclipse together. I could see it, barely, if I went to the corner of the yard and stood on a chair. We just have too many trees in the way. I'm glad I caught what I could of it.

Enjoy October!