Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Sketchbook Drawing - Home sweet Home

I finished this sketch of our house today - note the two kitties in the front window! I have to say, I was very disappointed with this sketch, for many reasons, but decided to show it anyway. Our lawn is not quite that overgrown and the colors are off, etc, etc!! Not every attempt can be successful!

Meanwhile, we had a mild day today, with very cold weather predicted for later in the week, so I opened the doors and windows to enjoy this last vestige of summer. The cats took up their post at the front door, getting excited about every leaf that skittered across the front walk.

And for a while, Rosie took up a solitary watch,

and Angus relieved her for awhile.

By mid afternoon, the day grew cooler, doors and windows were closed, the cats took to their fleece beds, and we settled down to a hot dinner and a cozy night. (with the heat turned on!!)

                       Hope you're having a terrific week!


Libby Fife said...

I know sketches don't always work out but it's so nice to see your house! That is what I focused on first. And then those cats! Such good watch kitties:)

Keep sketching. I bet it's kind of fun to find old sketches and chew on them for a bit:)

sharon said...

Lovely to let all the light and colors flood the house while you can. Coldest autumn weather so far predicted here as well so harvested the last of the tenders yesterday. Took a walk into the woods just across our road to enjoy the sights, sounds and fragrances you only experience this time of year. Still extremely dry here so leaves and pine needles are shedding rapidly.
I can just imagine myself walking up your front walk and being greeted by Rosie and Angus. Mya and Dovey send their regards as do I.

Simone said...

I think your sketchbook drawing is very good Judy with great perspective - and don't you have a lovely home?!!! It is still relatively mild here in the S E of England but the nights are getting cooler. I even wore my socks in bed last night!!! I hope you have a lovely cosy autumnal weekend. x

Anne Butera said...

We learn something with every sketch. I think the kitties in the window are so sweet! As is the sketch as a whole. We're always our own worst critics!

Glad you got to enjoy some lovely weather before the cold. It's been very changeable here, too.

Angus and Rosie sure take their jobs seriously!

I hope you have a lovely and creative week, Judy!

Juliette Becker said...

Judy, It is lovely, especially because it is your home. The love shines through each window.
It's funny how each Coast opens windows for different reasons. Here on the West Coast we open windows to let in the cool air. It has been so warm here for the past year. This summer started off nicely but then became a beast. The AC has been running non stop for months which here at the beach is very unusual.
This week the weather Gods shined on me and lifted the heat. It was so wonderful to live and breath fresh air. Sleeping is so much better and so is doing just about anything. Rumor has it that we are in for a Super El Nino this winter. Time will tell but everyone is gearing up for rain..rain..rain. I can't wait.
Keep on sketching.