Sunday, December 4, 2016

A Holiday Exhibit

Our show was very enjoyable this weekend and
I'm so happy it's over!!
We had gridded racks on which to hang our work,
and I brought two small folding tables to place in front
with a tablecloth over them.

I hung a quilted collage piece which I've shown here before
on the back of my display.

The building was packed with people on Saturday, 

and a bit quieter on Sunday.
I explained a bit about my work to several interested onlookers,
enjoyed chatting and laughing with other artists,
but sold only two cards, which paid the fee for my participation.
A bit disappointing, but it was such an enjoyable show!

Now to move on to preparing for Christmas!
Our daughter is coming for a visit for the holiday
and I can't wait!

I hope you've had a wonderful weekend 
and that you'll have a terrific week to come.
I plan to continue blogging regularly,
so please stop by again!


Simone said...

I am glad you enjoyed yourself Judy in spite of the lack of sales. I think craft fairs only work for people when it is their business and not a hobby. I am going to concentrate my efforts on getting a paid part time job and hopefully relaunching my etsy shop again. Craft fairs get a big thumbs down from me. I think only the promoters seem to profit out of them. I think you need to find another outlet (a gallery maybe) for your lovely, meticulous and honest work. x

Karen L R said...

Hooray for a Kate visit!!!!!!

I'm glad you had some quality one-on-one time with folks at the craft make up for the disappointing sales. There are oodles of craft markets in our neck of the woods here. It's almost overwhelming. It seems to be tough for folks to find places to sell successfully, so I do not think you are alone, Judy.

Your work is quite lovely and unique. I hope the new year brings you stronger venues.

Miss you,

sharon said...

So very nice to meet such a large objective as a show/sale at this time of year. Your work is lovely one at a time but together ... such a joy. Good you were able to talk with the attendees about your process. People who don't do hand work really have little or no idea what is involved.
Glad to hear Katie will be with you for Christmas. Now that's something to look forward to and anticipation is such a big part of the fun.

Anne Butera said...

Glad you had fun at the show even if you only sold a couple cards.

So glad Kate will be coming for Christmas!! Enjoy the preparations!