Monday, December 5, 2016

Paper Angels and a Landscape

I really loved the little angels I made for a recent show.
I've always had a thing for angels and these were inspired
by some kraft paper doilies I found in my stash.

Since they were so much work, I decided to frame them instead of using them for cards,
and, since they did not sell, I'll use them as small Christmas gifts!

I was also pleased with the cards I made from small fused fabric landscapes.
I made the landscapes exactly the size I wanted for the cards,
had them copied at Staples on white linen paper,
then cut them to size and glued them to the front center of some
Strathmore watercolor cards I had purchased a while ago.

This one came out a bit dark, so I enhanced it with a gold pen.

If you know me at all, you know that I don't often praise my own work, 
but I felt something different coming over me this past weekend.
As I looked at my artwork, I felt a fondness for it, and a quiet
satisfaction that I am finally identifying with my own style
and it is ok.
I'm looking forward to trying some new ideas in the coming year and
I'm grateful to have this blog as a way to share them.

Thank you for stopping by.
Have a wonderful week!


Karen L R said...

so lovely that you have embraced what many of us have known for years! xoxoxoxoox

Shell said...

Yay to embracing your artwork and what makes it beautifully you.

Simone said...

The gold pen adds a lovely extra touch. I am glad you are embracing your art now Judy. The inner critic nibbles away at all of us but sometimes we just have to tell it to shut up! I look forward to seeing your new ideas in the new year. x

Anne Butera said...

It makes me so happy to imagine your art bringing you joy like that, Judy. You should be proud of what you do. Your art is lovely and uniquely you.

I'll be looking forward to seeing your new ideas come to life!

Enjoy your weekend!