Wednesday, December 6, 2017


 Feeling a bit heartbroken...

Rest in Peace, little Angus. xo


Libby Fife said...

What a boy cat!

I am sorry Judy. I know it hurts. I wish it didn't but we just love them so much.

He was a very handsome little man:)
Lots of hugs to you, my friend.

Unknown said...

Sending gentle {{hugs}}.
Stay inspired!

Simone said...

Judy, I am so sorry. x

Debra Dixon said...

Very Handsome!

Maybe he will inspire some cat stitching in the new year. I hope so!


sharon said...

All us cat people are feeling your loss. What a guy he was!
Mya, Dovey and Jolie are sending hugs to Rosie and Angus' personal staff as well.

Lyn said...

so, so sad. Such a beautiful young boy who gave you so much love. Always hard to lose a family member and no words I can write will help but I am thinking of you and I know your pain.
give Rosie some extra cuddles. xxxxxx