Tuesday, November 28, 2017


Thanksgiving is over, but I've been thinking a lot lately
about the many things I have to be grateful for.
I have an amazing husband and daughter,

Two mischievous little kitties,

who love to help me sew,

a house with a favorite little light-filled porch,

friends who gather around a table to chat and stitch,

and, once again, these two sweet people who make my life meaningful.

I have a terrific extended family, and many creative and loving friends,
including those who read my blog.

And to you I give this wish...

May you have a wonderful day.


Debra Dixon said...

You are sunshine Judy!

Libby Fife said...

Lovely thoughts, Judy! You have so much which makes me happy!

sharon said...

blessed indeed

Simone said...

I can see you carry sunshine in your heart Judy. It radiates out from you! Lovely family photos - and kitty photos too! x