Monday, November 13, 2017

Art Every Day Month?

Now, who was that imposter who said that I was doing Art Every Day Month? I had the best of intentions, honestly, but never really got it off the ground. Life seems to be a bit too much lately and I've been having mixed feelings about what I really want to make. That has led to a real feeling of sluggishness - does anyone else have this problem at times?

Meanwhile, it's getting very cold here in New England and Angus and Rosie are hunkering down.
Rosie loves her new catnip toy,

but also buries herself in a fluffy throw when the weather is cold.

Angus always seems to be deep in thought,

and hides on a dining room chair, under the table, where he sleeps away the day.

My little Christmas cactus is starting to bloom, reminding me of my mom.

I have to confess that a feeling of sadness has settled around my shoulders lately.
My older sister is in a nursing home with dementia, and  I'm witnessing her losing more 
and more of her grasp on reality, and any desire to take care of herself.
Her type of dementia has made her hostile and angry, but fortunately the hostility
is lessening. She has no interest in doing anything, and I do what I can when I visit
to make her laugh and bring her some joy. It's very difficult to see her this way, and I
can't help feeling a bit helpless 

So, I have to listen to my heart and not put pressure on myself right now.

I'll be creating, but at my own pace.
Hopefully I'll be more "up" for AEDM next year!

Thanks, dear friends, for reading -
Hope you're having a good week!

xo Judy


sharon said...

How fortunate your sister, despite the direction her life is taking her, has you, Judy. And you have all of us, holding you close and sending our love. Your art and your desire to bring it forth will always be there when you're ready. And we'll be here to cheer you on.
Be kind to yourself and take your time.

Karen L R said...

Dementia is such a cruel beast. Sadly, you will not be able to beat it Judy, despite your huge heart. Be gentle with yourself, friend, and take care. Sharon is many of us here are holding you close to our hearts. xo

Simone said...

Do art when you want to do it Judy and not as a chore to be fulfilled! Take care of yourself and your health and the creative feeling will come again. It is so sad to hear about your sister but she is being looked after and it is clear that you care for her well being. Give yourself a big hug from me! :)

Debbie Nolan said...

Judy I so understand how you are feeling...I am struggling with sadness too - lost my Dad in May and it will be the first Thanksgiving without him. Sometimes we just have to accept the heart's pain and go through it without pressuring ourselves into something we do not feel like doing.

I am sorry to read about your sister - I am sure you do bring her joy. Take care and be kind to yourself. Hugs!

Debra Dixon said...

Your friends near and far love you; me included.

It took me several years to return to creativity after my son died but when I returned, I returned with a vengeance. Tears streamed down my face as I stitched but they were good tears & I knew I was on the mend.

You will get where you need to go. Time is a big healer.