Friday, July 27, 2007


My creativity has been all but forgotten lately as we go about the bittersweet task of cleaning out my parents' apartment. My mother died four weeks ago today, just about four weeks after my dad's death. Such a shock.

My sister, brother and I have had our share of weeping, reminiscing and laughing as we find forgotten photos and memorabilia from the past. Apart from the furniture, knick-knacks and personal possessions, the greatest treasures are our own personal memories which we carry in our hearts.

I'm finding myself seeking some time for reflection, solace in time spent laughing with friends, and especially the comfort of time spent with my own family.

My good friend Debbie brought me two coneflower plants, one for each of my parents. I'm not much of a gardener, but the act of planting them with my husband became a kind of ceremony in a way. And seeing the lovely flowers each day gives me a sense of peace and appreciation for the kindness of a friend.

Thanks, Deb.

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Jill Smith said...

Judy , it must have been awfull to lose parents as close as that, l did have time between mine but l wanted little things that my mom kept in her bag like a apple peeler that she always used and it had a mother of pearl handle and her knitting bag that was always near her chair.
I came to see your beautiful klimt piece, l love klimt and have prints all over and used klimt as a starting point in city and guilds.
Life will get brighter Judy but it does take time, let your art help you,