Sunday, October 28, 2007

Flower Magnets

Here are some samples of the magnets I made for the Fair this weekend. I think the many years I spent working in framing galleries make me feel like I need to frame everything!!!
Anyway, these are made from fabric and stiffened felt, and the little flowers are cut directly from lace trims. I really love to cut little tiny things and have to force myself to work larger! Now, what does that say about me? Hmmm....


Unknown said...

These are very sweet! Again, I enlarged them and looked at the detail. Very nice!

If you don't sell all of these magnets, let me know. My Fridge always has room for one more and I am picky about the magnets I have. Having one of these would be a blessing. Just let me know.

And...I wrote this about your comment on my Black Cats post...

"Based on the theme for this post, it was heartwarming to open up the comments and see your beautiful smile next to your cat. It's too bad that your cat can't post on this one!

Thanks for your wonderful comment and support! It touched me!"

Hugs, KJ

Unknown said...

Judy, these are really nice. Each one is so delicate and meticulous. I think you like to work small because you are detail oriented. It's a big part of dollmaking too and I love to dig into the tiny details!