Thursday, December 15, 2011

Two Peas in a Pod

Last month I was posting so often for Art Every Day Month.  Now I feel like an absentee blogger, as the holidays loom and I'm totally involved in Christmas preparations. But two members of our household are holding it together and going about business as usual!

Out on the porch, where it is chilly, Rosie and Angus huddle together and watch all the action in the back yard. The last photo looks like a lovely embrace, but Angus actually has his mouth around Rosie's neck. He likes to let her know who's the boss, but he never really hurts her.

I'm working on some ornaments and will post them soon. Meanwhile, hope you've had a great week!!


Anonymous said...

Great feline photos Judy. Looking forward to seeing your ornaments :).
Stay inspired!

Libby Fife said...

Ahh! He loves her! What sweet photos of the babies. Glad you are getting ready for the holidays-hope they will be great:)

sharon said...

A happy side benefit of my visiting the city is the reunion of Dovey and Mya while I'm in town. Our two could easily have posed for each of the sweet photos here, including the "embrace" which often is part of the grooming ritual. Pretty much like siblings everywhere, a bit of rough house thrown in.
Life just isn't contentment itself without felines in the house, is it?

Anne Butera said...

Sweet photos of your sweet kitties!

Can't wait to see your ornaments!

Enjoy your weekend!

Simone said...

Your kitties are growing so fast! Naughty Angus! Rosie doesn't look that bothered though does she?! Have a lovely weekend Judy. x

She Who Doodles said...

love seeing your kitty pictures.

Gwen said...

He is just being ''male'' :)
They are really beautiful creatures...just gorgeous!
Looking forward to seeing you wip creations:)

Karen L R said...

LOVE your kitties. xo