Friday, December 14, 2012


This morning I worked on a little stitched sketch of two cats.
I was feeling very grateful for little things,
like my trusty Singer sewing machine,
my love of fabric, texture and thread,
and my ability to create.

Then I turned on the TV...
and felt so sickened by the news which was streaming -
a school shooting in Connecticut -
a kindergarten classroom -
a horrific tragedy.

As a former kindergarten teacher, I am literally shaking.
As a mother, I am heartbroken.
As a human being,
like many others,
I am asking why.

I don't usually write about religion here,
but I have to say,
may God bless the victims and the survivors of this tragedy.
May God bless all of us 
as we contemplate the sadness of this day. 


Libby Fife said...

It was just the most awful thing to hear this morning wasn't it? Unfathomable.

Take care of yourself and those around you. Wishing you good thoughts today:)

Rebag said...

All I can say is I agree with you. Such a sad day from many views...

Simone said...

There is a lot of wickedness in the World but unfortunately a lot of it is out of out control. Continue to make your beautiful creations Judy and hopefully the beauty created by others will filter down and soften the hardest of hearts. x

sharon said...

As I read your post Judy, my own dear cat is filling my lap with one arm stretched across me as if in a hug. She always seems to sense when I need her affection. Your stitchery of you dear duo brings me comfort, too, this morning.
We had our share of the killing of innocents in Illinois years back when I had just returned to teaching after raising Anne and Phil. After that all of our buildings were locked all day and we practiced lock downs with our students.
As we approach the winter solstice I hope we can remember that light follows the darkness.

Jennifer Richardson said...

God bless us every one.
And a special grace to grieve well
and hear whispers of comfort
and peace
as they come.

Anonymous said...

Here in France, we heard about this tragedy. That is not the first time that this happens in your country. Free sale of arms certainly encourages deranged brains to commit this kind of massacre, to kill innocent children for no reason. This is chilling. This is a great tragedy for families involved in this abominable thing.
God bless them.


Anonymous said...

Judy - since we have not talked via phone in a while - I got caught up on your life by reading and enjoying your blog!!!! So very high tech! LOVE the way your home looks for holidays - so warm, inviting and welcoming...Ms. Kate won't want to leave! Of course, Rosie and Angus continue to steal the show...Tweenie sends her best to her cousins! Love the twinkle toed angel - your sparkle just comes right through your work...KEEP up the inspired creations - you are a blessing to all of us! Merry Christmas dear friend,Love, Ann

Jennifer Richardson said...

just dropping back by
to give you a warm squeeze
this Christmas
and let you know
how much I appreciate you much I care:)
rich warm peace to you,