Tuesday, December 1, 2015

A Giving Challenge

One of my favorite magazines is Flow, subtitled "A Magazine for Paper Lovers".  It is a bit pricey and  I usually walk by it a couple of times in a book store before giving in and indulging - but it calls to me, with its beautiful illustrations, interesting articles and great inspiration. I also follow the Flow Facebook page and today I read an inspiring post about an article  in the magazine's newest issue. The article is called "The Gifts of Giving" and is written by Nina Siegal. In it, Nina writes about being inspired to give something away, every day for a month. The experience was transformational for her, and her personal life began to improve as she found something to give away each and every day.
I've decided to take on this challenge, especially appealing during this giving season. I had already given away something today, before even reading the article, and there are so many other things I could share, be they donations, compliments, gifts, help, kindness… I find giving to be a bit exhilarating, so this should be a very happy month!
Would you like to join me?


sharon said...

Lovely idea to give from the heart, regularly, consciously and with joy. Giving doesn't necessitate STUFF. Yes, kindness, time, prayer… now those are readily available and inexhaustible! Sort of a personal advent calendar…I'm in. Thanks.

Simone said...

That magazine looks like a wonderful read! I try to give something away each day or at least do something kind! I will endeavor to do that bit more than I do already. Thank you for 'giving' the link to the article Judy! x

Lyn said...

It looks like a lovely read.
Giving something as simple as a smile can make someone's day.

Anne Butera said...

What a wonderful challenge to be embarking on, Judy.

Wishing you a very happy month!