Saturday, September 23, 2017

Welcome Autumn!

I love Autumn.
The changing leaves always seem like a miracle to me, even though I've been a New Englander most of my life. I think, somewhere in my subconscious, that I associate Fall with starting a new school year, and I remember vividly shuffling through orange and gold and red leaves on my way to the bus stop. I was one of those kids who loved going to school!
Today I drove around my town, looking for the first signs of Autumn. It has been fairly warm around here lately, so the seasonal leaf change is just beginning. 

This row of Maple trees in front of a local school
always transitions into a blaze of color as the weeks go on.

A couple of early leaf changers..

 Next, I went to a local nursery and loved the
 decorations and display of mums.

I settled on a coral colored mum for the front stairs.
but will definitely go back for more.

I picked what I think are the last of my hydrangeas - but you never know!
I love all the shades of green, blue, lavender and burgundy
that appear as the summer winds down.

Since I last blogged, I've been doing some projects that were very enjoyable.
For my friend Amy's birthday, I made this necklace - just for fun.
It has all of her pets in a row - yes, it is amazing how many pets she has!

And I started doing a few paper collages, inspired by a post I read on the Ihanna's blog.
I made a cut-out on the cover of a sketchbook and inserted some artwork, something 
like what she did on her sketchbook. I'll share some collages in a later post.

This is a little embroidery I did on a car trip with my husband...

And these are some fabrics I dyed in a shibori class over the summer.
This was something I had never thought of doing, but I'm so glad I took the class!

I hope everyone who stops by here to visit 
is enjoying the beginning of fall.

Hope to see you again soon!!


Simone said...

You have been so busy Judy! Your new plant is lovely and such a pretty colour. I love the fall although it is so hot here today! I love the crisp colour changing leaves and even more when it is cooler! The shibori technique looks fun to do. I haven't done anything crafty for ages! I would enjoy seeing more photos of New England in the fall as I think it is a stunning place during this time of year. x

sharon said...

So happy to see your updated blog and a window into your world once again. It's been way too hot here and I've been crazy busy. Will post on my own blog soon.
Love your work, old and new.
Happy autumn.

Karen L R said...

You've been so busy, friend!
Thank you so much for sharing all these goodies with us.

Anne Butera said...

I usually want to hang on to summer as long as I can, but I think I might be ready for fall. That last heat wave might have done it! I'm looking forward to lots of soups and baking and being cozy inside with candles and blankets and kitties on my lap. I hope we'll get some nice fall color here, but the predictions are that with how dry it has been that it won't. I guess we'll see.

Wishing you a lovely autumn!


p.s. I love your shibori experiments. It's still on my to-do list.