Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Have a Heart

I think having Valentines Day in the middle of February is a brilliant idea. This is the month when I tend to drag - the snow and ice are getting to me, it's cold, and I'm feeling pretty sluggish. Therefore, having a holiday that's all about love, with hearts and flowers and lace and poems is a nice lift, especially when I can ignore all the commercialism that seems to attach itself to every holiday and make something decorative!!
I was inspired to make puffy hearts by my friend Andrea, who made a beautiful collection which now enhances a local gift shop. I decided to make my hearts into a wreath for my front door.
 I cut out a ring from mat board, then covered it with purple fabric. I took the puffy hearts I had made, with pinking sheared edges, and hot glue gunned them to the wreath. Amazingly, I had the perfect purple ribbon in my stash, as well as the mat board and fabric, so it was a thrifty project and took only one day.
There's something so satisfying about finishing a project.... now to wrap up that landscape I've been working on!  


seriously amused said...

Thank you for visiting my blog and for your kind words.

I've added you to my blog list.


PS Love the heart wreath.

seriously amused said...

PSS Did you paint the vase with flowers in the top right hand corner? It's really beautiful!

seriously amused said...
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Shell said...

I love your heart wreath. It is beautiful. I love warm and handmade gifts especially on Valentine's Day.