Sunday, February 22, 2009

Recent ATCs

Here Are some ATCs I've sent out in the past month. I'm especially fond of  this cut paper cat, which was the simplest to make. The second and third are painted and stitched, and the fourth is painted on a paper towel (for texture), then glued to a backing.

Here are some cards I've been fortunate enough to receive! The first two are from my friend
Janice. I just love the detail of the 'wings to fly' card which is both intricate and elegant. The 'journey' card has a clever pull-out tab which is whimsical and fun.

This next card is from Karen. She has used real birchbark (from downed branches)and some stitching to create a very simple and elegant card.
And, finally, from Terri, a cheerful and beautifully finished piece of art which is full of texture, color and whimsy! My ATC collection is small. but I love each and every card!


StegArt said...

All your cards are lovely Judy, but I think I'm in love with the kitty cat!

Shell said...

The first ATC card reminds me of my cat Mabel. All of them are imaginative and colorful.

quiltcat said...

Lovely ATCs! I like the little black kitty especially, but the color in the other ones is great.

Karen L R said...

Hi Judy, What a fun surprise to find my ATC on your blog. I continue to be amazed at how interconnected we are all able to be, thanks to this ingenious internet! Your cheerful yellow flower ATC is propped up on my cutting table in my studio. Thanks again.....KarenLR