Thursday, November 4, 2010

AEDM-Day 4-Bouquet

Today I'm showing a card I made years ago, but never posted on my blog. It is a fused fabric bouquet - very small - only about 4"x6". It was part of a series of florals, with very tiny fabric leaves and petals cut out using scherenschnitte scissors Most have been sold or given away and there are only a few left.

Hope to have something new to show tomorrow! Rainy weather here - good days to hunker down indoors and do something creative!


Simone said...

I love your fabric art Judy. Art Every Day! Now there's a challenge! You have posted so much since my last visit and there's me moaning about not receiving comments on my blog. Funny you should dream about me. I took a photo of my 'hair' yesterday and was going to post up a picture but I think it is good to keep what I look like a mystery. I don't want to scare off any potential readers!!! Have a lovely day. x

Libby Fife said...

What a sweet little piece! I am intrigued also that it is a card and now also want a pair of scherenschnitte scissors! Say that ten times:)

aimee said...

oh, cool! i love the texture - so colorful and touchable!