Friday, November 5, 2010

AEDM-Day 5-Painting Day

Today I decided to work on some fabric painting and I spread out in my 'laboratory' (on top of my washing machine!). I've been painting some black and white print fabric with moss colored Setacolor fabric paint. Since it's transparent, the design comes through and I've been experimenting with different brush strokes.

Once the fabric is dry, the paint can be heat set and becomes permanent, so there's a choice to blend paints right on the fabric by spritzing with water, or heat setting the first layer and then overpainting with a second color. Since I know I'll be cutting up the fabric for applique, I usually try a few techniques on the same piece of fabric.

I also worked a bit on this piece of cotton fabric which I had previously designed with a paint masking gel (I can't find the tube to tell you the brand) and a fine Sharpie (waterproof) pen. The gel parts I'll paint over with acrylic paint, let it dry for 2 days, then wash the fabric to remove the gel. The Sharpie designs I'm painting in with my fabric paints, which I will then heat set.
This is all absolutely playful experimenting for me, and I love it!!


Karen L R said...

i would love to come over this afternoon and play!

Anne Butera said...

What fun! Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

This is great. Now I want to try this too.