Monday, November 8, 2010

AEDM-Day 8-Lavender Landscape

I'm getting into a pattern of working on something one day, then posting about it the next. So this is what I worked on yesterday, Sunday.
It was a quiet day, as my poor hubby has the flu, so I spent much of the afternoon in my studio while he rested. I had previously painted this piece of linen with Pebeo Setacolor textile paints. I like the way the grayish color of the linen subdued the colors I used and the result was very soft.

I found a piece of lavender cross stitch fabric in my stash, liked the texture with the linen, and fused the painted piece on to it. Oh and I had trimmed the linen and frayed the edges.

Next, I did some loose machine stitching to suggest details in the earth and sky.

Finally, I added more machine stitching, some hand embroidery and then trimmed the whole piece. Although I thought about leaving the ends of the threads floating free, neatness prevailed and I pulled all pieces through to the back!

Here is the finished piece,
and a closer view of the stitching.
(click on photo to enlarge)
By the time I finished, with the time change this weekend, I looked up and saw the sun setting outside my window. It felt good to complete something!
Hope everyone has a lovely week!!


Anne said...

Judy, that really looks lovely. So interesting to see the process (and inspiring, too!). Sounds like you had a wonderful day of creating.

I'm so glad that you visited my mom's blog and left a comment for her. It's funny because after looking around at your blogs I was thinking that I would send links to my mom because I knew she'd like your work!

Simone said...

Such a pretty landscape. I think I would have tidied up the loose threads too!!! x

Joyce said...

Very nice. Good call on sewing in the ends. Sometimes I like that look but not on this one.

Louise said...

Hi Judy. Love the colours on this piece. X

Libby Fife said...

You sure got a lot of texture on such a small piece. Very effective!

Nan and =^..^= said...

Very beautiful...I love seeing all of your work! It's nice to have a helper, isn't it!

Chrissy Foreman C said...

I'm such a sucker for a time lapse photo series! LOVE seeing the unfolding genius in yur work x