Monday, October 29, 2012

Waiting Out Sandy

Right now, it is not too bad where I live in northern Massachusetts. There has been some rain, and very forceful gusts of wind, but so far, so good. We've had several short sessions of power outages, so the electric clocks are flashing, but I won't even try to reset them until the storm is over! For a while, I sat out on my unheated porch, organizing my collection of beads, with the wind whipping the trees outside.

For a few minutes, the cats were out there with me, but the many windows with the trees blowing drove them into a frenzy, so I put them back inside the house. 
Just thought I'd write a little update while we have power. Hope everyone in Sandy's path is doing well!
Take care! Be well! 


Rebag said...

Prayers to all on East coast.......Hope you are safe and please keep us updated!!

Jennifer Richardson said...

wrapping arms of prayer around you
and holding you close
as you ride out the storm
and know you're not alone
and that whatever comes
you're covered
and kept
in love.

Nan and =^..^= said...

Stay safe and cozy with the kitties! It is very windy here right now and we took a ride to check out the wild surf around 4 pm. Quite dramatic and it wasn't high tide.
Glad to be home and hope we don't lose the power!
Take good care!

Lorinda @ Everyday Endeavours said...

Be safe (and warm and dry) my friend xx

Simone said...

Hope you and yours are safe Judy. x

tea time and roses said...

Dear Judy,

Thinking of you. Hope all is well. Stay safe.


Anne said...

Thinking of you, Judy and hoping that you stayed safe in the storm.