Friday, October 26, 2012


This morning I finished up this little machine stitched picture celebrating my favorite season!

This is how I feel on a beautiful, cool and breezy fall day. 

I've been practicing my machine stitching, drawing my design first with a very fine Micron marker pen and then stitching over it. I colored the figure with a combination of fine Sharpie pens and watercolor pencils. The leaves are fused fabric and the size is a little over 5"x7". 

There has been a lot of talk here in New England this week about hurricane Sandy hitting the east coast early next week. I've shopped for the recommended bottled water and batteries, will bring in our outdoor potted plants, and wait it out with the kitties.

Last night, I was chatting with my sister on the phone and commented to her about how cute Rosie and Angus looked curled up on the ottoman.

No sooner did I say it than Angus jumped up and started wrestling with Rosie!

Now he has "conquered" her!

It bothers me when they tussle - Angus is usually the aggressor. No biting or scratching, but I always worry about poor Rosie's peace of mind. However, she does manage to hold her own ground.

To all my cat loving friends - is it normal for two cats to attack each other like this? Any suggestions?

I recently bought a pheromone diffuser which seems to calm Rosie down a bit - she's very jumpy. And she does find her own little corners in the house for afternoon naps.
Thanks in advance for any advice you can give me about this!

Hope you have had a great week!


Libby Fife said...

Very cute stitched picture! Your stitching is very precise-you are getting good:):):)

I really think you only have a problem if Rosie cannot get any peace and quiet. Like she can't nap, looks over her shoulder all of the time, and seems very nervous-like she can't relax, especially if she won't eat or drink without looking freaked out. I would suggest getting Angus some new toys and playing with him a little more on his own. As mean as it sounds, a squirt bottle once in a while to break up a rough tussle is OK. So says Dr. Libby, Cat Whisperer:)

sharon said...

No scratching or biting?? It sounds like what your two are doing is cat play. Our Mya and Dovey are nearly always good companions despite their separations between visits. From time to time when they're together they attack one another and have a good romp. Infrequently one or the other will hiss to warn that the play is getting a bit rough. Then they groom one another and settle down. Relax, Mom, you have nothing to worry about.
However, I am concerned about your being alone in the face of the coming storm. Please take all precautions and be sure you have someone who you can reach out to if need be. I'm holding you in my good thoughts. Be safe.

Simone said...

Lovely Autumn picture Judy! I love the season too!!! I am sure that if Rosie wasn't happy about Angus tussling with her she would jump down from where she was sitting and walk away. I think it is natural for cats to play fight! I hope that the storm passes you by but it is good that you are prepared in advance. Take care. x

Lorinda.C.F said...

I just adore this piece Judy! So much joy and energy in it!

Yes, our two 'fight' all the time. Willy is only 4 and a spoiled, rather bored brat. I worry about him pestering our old girl too (Meisha is 14). Every so often though she reminds him in no uncertain terms who's boss and it's awesome to see! :)

Take good care of each other xx