Saturday, December 1, 2012


I had designed this ornament for last night's craft fair, bit never actually completed any to sell.
This is my prototype , on different backgrounds -

I had seen something like this somewhere, but for the life of me I can't remember where!
She is still in process, but I love her whimsy!
What do you think?

Last night, the fair I was part of was a lot of fun, and I sat with several great people.
 We laughed a lot, but sadly, I sold only a $2 magnet! Actually, I even gave away a picture!

Today I am more tired than I can ever remember being - I've been creating like crazy since September. Since then, I have participated in a craft fair, our town's Paint Out (helping), Art Walk, a solo exhibit and now last night's craft fair! This is a very weary person writing this! lol

I'm planning to slow down in December, decorate a bit, finish some ornaments for gifts and enjoy the season with my hubby. Our daughter is coming from Toronto for Christmas, which I'm really looking forward to!

Meanwhile, I'm reflecting on all I have to be grateful for, and hope to post some of these thoughts on my blog for December.

One thing I know I'm grateful for is my wonderful group of blogging friends - yes you!
Soon I'll be having a giveaway, or maybe even a series of giveaways, so check back!

Here's wishing you a wonderful weekend!! 


Lyn said...

Well at least ou had a giggle!
Have a peaceful December xxx

sharon said...

Surely wish I could have stopped in at your fair. Your table is packed with work of the heart. I've enjoyed the art you've posted throughout November and though the month has passed hope to see more of what you're up to in December despite your need to slow down.
Your twinkletoes is a charmer.

Karen L R said...

You have indeed been busy Judy! I recommend a cup of tea, a kitty or two in the lap and some deep breaths!


Libby Fife said...

Wow! You have been busy! I am sorry you didn't sell too much this time but it's OK. It sounds like you had a wonderful time anyway. Won't it be nice to relax and enjoy yourself even more when Kate comes for her visit. I bet you are looking forward to it:)

Rebag said...

Fairs and shows are draining indeed! But take a deep breath now relax and savor the time to come now in December .......your whimsy little angel is adorable!!!

Jennifer Richardson said...

we're in the same shoes, friend.
i'm tired and ready for a long
winter's nap, too.
your christmas beauties are
and the lucky person who received
your art
must've been walking on sunshine!
may these days to come
be merry and bright:)

Simone said...

I adore Twinkletoes!!! I feel inspired to make somwething similar (if I ever get time!) I can't believe that people were not snapping up your lovely wares. At least you have some ready made items if you decide to do a Christmas fair next year. How lovely that your daughter will be spending Christmas with you. x

From Your Mindseye said...

I LOVE TWINKLETOES. She is so full of fun and whimsy. What a joy to create, isn't it?

Rest, my friend, you deserve it!