Friday, November 30, 2012

Art Every Day Month - Day 30

To tired to write, but just wanted to say how much I've enjoyed being part of Art Every Day Month. 
Many thanks to Leah Piken Koladis for hosting this yearly adventure and to all who participated this year. I've loved looking at your work and receiving your supportive comments.
Here are some photos from my day - I'll write more tomorrow!

My table at tonight's craft fair!

Have a wonderful weekend!


Rebag said...

lovely table!! Hope you do well!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful. Sounds like the craft fair was tiring, but hopefully a success :).
Stay inspired!

Karen L R said...

The black and white trees took my breath away! So beautiful, Judy. I am so impressed with your productivity. Hope you'll catch a bit of rest soon. xo

Libby Fife said...

I thought your trees turned out so beautifully! I hope the crafts fair went well and that you got some rest:) Your table looks great!

KG said...

Beautiful! I love the white trees on the dark background. Reminds me of night walks in the snowy woods.

J Bamman the southern sunshine girl said...

lovely work I really like the deer and trees-