Monday, November 26, 2012

AEDM Day 26 - Festive Trees

After taking some time off for the Thanksgiving holiday and a lovely visit with daughter Kate, I'm back to preparing for a craft fair called "Mistletoe Marketplace" which will take place Friday night.

My plan is to work on something different each day, and today I am decorating little Christmas trees!
As I post this, I've been spending time working on my largest cardboard cone, covering it with eyelet  ruffles I've had in my stash for about 25 years. Rosie was fascinated by the whole process!

Then Angus came up on the table to investigate!

When I finished gluing the lace, I could see Rosie's ears behind the table...

and when I went to look, she was sitting in a box of fabric -

a common occurrence in this house!

I'll be working on the rest of the trees tonight, then on to something different tomorrow.
I know that my sister would love the lace tree, so it will be hers if it doesn't sell at the fair.
My only wish for the fair is that I make back the money I've spent for the table. I know that it's going to be a fun evening, with several friends sharing a table.

Well, time to get back to work!

Thanks for visiting.
Hope you've had a great day!


Paula - Buenos Aires said...

You have such a wonderful eye for composition. Your pictures with the cats are fab. Lovely tree, so elegant.

Libby Fife said...

Cats are good helpers aren't they? LOL!

You will do well, don't worry. And what a cute idea for that tree! Clever use of the materials.

Rebag said...

LOL love the cat!! Got a cat helper in this home too!.....Your tree is gorgeous!! Hope you can share the rest of the pics as well!!

You asked about the wedding....It is an afternoon wedding....elegant but not too formal...both of the outfits we chose are I have a flare skirt about to mid calf...and a pull over that will have a black tank or cam. under it.

The mom in law chose black flowing Capri as well as a nice pull over/

Rebag said...

Ooops sorry posted wedding info in wrong box....Hope my day goes better than it is starting lol~

Zue said...

Love the idea of lace trees. Wishing you well for the sale. I am sure you will do more than make your table fee.

sharon said...

So much fun to see your helpers. Dovey too loves projects and gets right into the middle of every one. And of course Rosie assumes you put that box of fabric out just for her. Didn't you??
Good luck selling your lovely things, Judy. I would imagine people are looking forward to finding just the right handmade gift for those special people on their list and will delight in what you have to offer.

Simone said...

'Mistletoe Marketplace is such a lovely name for the fair! I really do hope that you have success with the table. The trees are really original and I think they would look nice in different sizes clustered together. Sell them in threes!!! Nice to see Rosie and Angus joining in!

Anne Butera said...

What fun, Judy!! I hope you enjoy yourself and have a successful time at the Mistletoe Marketplace (love that name!).

I always enjoy the photos of your kitties helping out with your projects.

Your trip down memory lane with all those pieces you've made over the years... exquisite! Sometimes you need to take a step back to really see all that you've accomplished!

She Who Doodles said...

great little helper there. i love the trees. so simple but so cute.