Friday, April 27, 2007

Needlearts Challege

My Needlearts Guild has a challenge for our upcoming show. Those of us who are interested in participating bought a yard of the same red flowered fabric which we were to use to create an original project for the exhibit.
Here's my result! The fabric had an Asian feel and when I saw some "Geisha" panels for sale at a recent quilt show, I knew that I had found my project. The ladies originally had very white faces, but I decided to shade their skin very lightly with peach Prismacolor pencil. I also used gold fabric paint on their hair ornaments to add a shimmer to go with the gold in the challenge fabric.
I'm looking forward to taking some pictures of everyone's work at the show and will post some of them on my blog. Meanwhile, if you live near Lexington, MA you can check out the show May 8 -26 at the Lexington Arts & Crafts Society on Waltham street. Here's the website:

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