Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Andrea's Studio

Every week I get together with creative friends at my friend Andrea's studio. She has a lovely open space in her house, with plenty of windows and stimulating color all around. We meet to sew, design, talk, complain, laugh....it's a lot of fun and something I look forward to every week!
Last week, up on the design wall was Andrea's beautiful aqua print pieced design, which she is adding to each week and which will end up being a shower curtain in her home near the shore.
At the same time, Barbara was working on designing a quilt incorporating hand embroidered flowers in circles, arranged in rows. This will be spectacular when done, since Barbara is a professional machine quilter and does beautiful work!
What was I working on? Probably one of the "faces" from my 5 day challenge last week! I hope to have more of Andrea's, Barbara's and perhaps other friends' work to share with you in some weeks to come, and this could include jewelry, painting, or sewing, because there is a lot of creativity going on there!

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Linda ★ Parker's General said...

The quilt will be exceptional.
I would love to see it done. It must be a wonderful thing, having such talented friends to spend time with.
Of your faces, I think I am in love with theearthy fairy. She is so serene and beautiful. Good job on all of them!