Saturday, October 25, 2008

Applique Collage #2

Here is my second applique abstract collage this week! If these abstracts seem like a departure from my usual style, I should tell you that this one and a few others have been sitting around in my studio for at least a year, waiting to be stitched and finished. Although I usually tend to work in a realistic style, I've always had the desire to experiment with abstract!  In fact, I started the year off by laying out an abstract hanging which you can see here. I never did finish it, but should try to do so at least before the end of 2008!!
I'm also interested in doing some tiny ones (I love tiny!) to make into necklace pendants! It's on my "list" of ideas! Don't we all have one?
Anyway, I added some beads to this piece and had fun making it!


Unknown said...

My first impulse when I saw this collage was an abstract piano keyboard. Yes, I immediately thought of music! Wonderful!

I love your blog! I have been perusing downward. I even realized that I missed a very important event and I have taken those matters into my hands.

I attended 2 funerals this last week and I am grateful to be back in my routine.


summer girl said...

Once again, Judy...beautiful...the colors are wonderful!

Gayle said...

This turned out great. You have a knack for abstract work. :-)