Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Home from Houston!!!

Just returned from voting and found it interesting that the only sign-bearers across from my voting place were these. Then I realized that it was early afternoon and there will probably be many more out there later as polls become crowded with after-work voters. Like many, I felt a great sense of responsibility as I voted and even said a silent prayer as I cast my ballot, wishing in my heart that this election will somehow bring a sense of hope to our country.
I returned home from Houston Sunday night, my head reeling with images and impressions from the wonderful International quilt festival I had attended. I have a visual journal in which I make almost daily paper collages, and in it I attached mementos and clippings from the week, knowing that I will savor these memories for years to come. Aside from the amazing quilts and the abundance of vendors, I had the great pleasure of meeting up and having dinner with blogging friends Sue Bleiweiss, Terri Stegmiller and new friend Nathalie G. from Belgium. This was a wonderful experience which I truly enjoyed.
Terri presented me with this lovely piece of art work - one of her beautiful hand-painted faces collaged and stitched with a combination of paper and fabric. I really love it and plan to frame it for my studio.
I purchased this adorable little wallhanging, made by Marla Ferguson of Palisade, Colorado for the Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative. It is called "Fancy Pants" and is dedicated to Marla's husband's family who have bravely dealt with Alzheimer's in a loved one. The profits from the sale of this and many other donated art quilts are used to fund Alzheimer's research. The AAQI was founded by Ami Simms to raise awareness and fund research. For more information, you can visit www.alzquilts.org.
After being away for a week, I was amazed at the subtle changes which have taken place: the brilliant foliage colors have dimmed, trees are becoming bare, but my Mom's little Christmas cactus has burst out in blooms. It's good to be home.


drivenwide said...
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tea time and roses said...

Hello Judy!

Wow what a wonderful time you had! I can imagine all the inspiration around you at the quilt show! A beautiful quilt is a thing to behold! I am so happy you had a marvelous time, and how wonderful to meet blogging friends there! I cannot wait to see just what pretty piece you have coming for us next!



Terri Stegmiller said...

Hi Judy, I am so thrilled that we had the opportunity to meet and share a meal together. I also enjoyed meeting your friend Andrea. I noticed the same changes here when I got home and looked out at the trees and all. And today we are in a blizzard warning and are expected to get 6 to 12 inches of snow. Better get the snow blower gassed up.

summer girl said...


Nathalie G. said...

I truly enjoyed our meeting and dinner with Andrea, Sue and Terri.
This is a memory I will cherish. DH is talking about 'his' sewing artists/friends with much love.

I enjoy reading your blog and love your work.

take care.

Gayle said...

Welcome home! Thank you for taking us along to Houston via this post. It's good to have you back.