Thursday, November 6, 2008

Rainy Day

A rainy day in New England. 
My cat watering can is keeping watch on the porch, which is unheated, but which I go to often for its natural light and peaceful setting. Today I'll be visiting my sister, who is an hour away from here. With tutoring and various appointments, it's been a busy week, punctuated by the amazing results of Tuesday's election. 
I hope to get creative tomorrow - I'm feeling that need to make something!!!


summer girl said...

make an ATC!

tea time and roses said...

Hello Judy!

I just know your visit with your sister was a wonderful one! The need to create, we crafters just cannot help ourselves!:o) Enjoy your weekend!



Unknown said...

This picture reminds me of the name of my friends feline: Rainy Fat Cat. I just love that name!

I wish it was raining here. Our Southern California fires are horrible. We are just a few miles east of the Orange County fires. Check out the photos on my blog.

I love the ATC's in the beginning. Hey, if you ever want to host an ATC exchange, I will present it on my blog for you. We are moving at the end of this month to home in the same city, so I am in the midst of packing! Moving = good. Packing = yuck!

Hugs, KJ