Thursday, December 2, 2010

Artist Pam Perras

During the month of December, I decided that I would like to write about some of my favorite creative people. I've met many interesting artists online through blogs and websites, but I'm also inspired by people I'm fortunate enough to know in my everyday life.

                                                          "Two Yellow Apples on a Plate"  by Pam Perras                

I'd like you to meet a good friend of mine, artist Pam Perras. Pam is an oil painter who does beautiful landscapes, still lifes and studies of people. I really admire the rich palette Pam uses and the way she captures light in her work. To me, there is a stillness, a beauty and a real sense of a moment in time that shines through in each painting.  Pam has a blog which you can find here, and, if you visit, I guarantee that you will enjoy her work! 


Beatriz said...

I´ve visited Pam´s blog and truly admired her works. Thanks for sharing.

Libby Fife said...

Judy-Thanks so much for the link to Pam's blog. Her work (her colors) are very rich looking-very light filled. Just beautiful and I can see why you like her still lifes.

Karen L R said...

Ohhhhh! Such beauty! Thanks for the link!

Anne Butera said...

Thanks for the introduction to her work. Really beautiful! (I love those apples!)

tea time and roses said...

Indeed Pam's work is breathtaking. I am so inspired by such talented artist as this, lovely work! Thanks so much for sharing her with us dear Judy.

Enjoy a lovely weekend my friend.