Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Little Trees

First of all, many thanks to everyone for your good wishes after my recent fall.
Bruises are healing and I'm feeling a bit better every day.
Today I felt like I really needed to stay put, so I set about cutting some
little trees for my landscapes. I think I could describe my style in making fabric
art as a discovery expedition. By this I mean that I look at variegated fabric, especially
batiks, and find the areas that 'speak to me'. No, I'm not a fabric psychic, but I do look
 for passages in the design that remind me of nature and elements I want to depict.
When I cut out trees and other things, the fabric has already been backed 
with Wonder Under, which makes for a nice crisp cut.
These pieces are just tossed on a background of hand painted sky fabric.

More cut-outs...

and here is a hand embroidered tree which I tried recently.
This technique should work well with soft grounds like wool felting.

Finally, I feel like I'm making progress on my landscape-making journey!!

Hope you're having a good week!


Anonymous said...

I absolutely love your little embroidered tree!! :)

Stay inspired!

Anonymous said...

Such a sweet embroidered tree and I love your fabric trees amongst the landscape as well. :)

sharon said...

So pleased to know you're feeling better bit by bit, Judy. And to see you working again. You certainly have a way with fibers and colors. Wish I could watch over your shoulder.
Keep feeling better, dear friend.

Simone said...

I am glad that you are healing Judy although it must have been a nasty shock and experience for you. Nice to see you have been doing some therapeutic tree cutting! x

Lyn said...

Oh I love the little tree, so pretty!

Jennifer Richardson said...

So sorry to hear about your bruises....hope you're mending well and being especially gentle with yourself:)
Love, love, love your trees!
healing hugs,