Tuesday, November 5, 2013

AEDM Day 5 - Tree Silhouette

Last night I worked on this silhouette of trees I had started a few weeks ago.
I had hand painted the sky and sewn down the trunks and branches previously,
then it needed "leaves" which I cut out randomly. I want to make the edges less "tight"
so I'll cut out some individual leaves for the edges. All of this is fused to the background.
I'll also be adding a foreground. The white is the cotton flannel I use as a base.

And, as I promised, here are more photos from the International Quilt Festival 
in Houston, from which I just returned.

The Grand Prize winner:

and another winner:

and another favorite of mine:

More tomorrow!

Hope you're having a wonderful day!


Snap said...

thank you for showing some of the quilts from the festival ... i didn't go this year. I love your tree silhouette -- fascinating to me you folks with magic fingers!!!!! Happy AEDM!

Simone said...

Lovely tree silhouetes Judy. I really like the ordinary day quilt. It speaks to me. x

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I can see how the boat quilt won the grand prize. It is stunning. I also like your choice of the others you showed, too. They are both lovely and are great art quilts, each unique in its own way. Thanks for sharing.

Of course, I am intriqued by your quilt, too. I look forward to seeing its progress.

Nic McLean said...

Your tree silhouettes are stunning. I love the colours in the background.

janice smith said...

Your trees are so beautiful! Looks like there was plenty of inspiration at the quilt show, too. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog today. I love making so many new acquaintances through AEDM. I'll see you again soon! xo, janice

denthe said...

Wow, those trees are beautiful! Love that pink background!

light-of-summer said...

I really like your tree silhouettes and color scheme, and I hope to see the foreground when the time is right!

Is there a story that goes with this scene?

Thanks for sharing your work via AEDM. I am new to it and am revelling in the exposure to so many other people practicing their art!

sharon said...

After a few very full days I'm taking a moment to catch up. You've been busy since last I visited your blog! Gosh, those quilts just take my breath away. I absolutely love the diversity and depth of creativity.
Your tree silhouettes work has captured my favorite time of day and those unique colors to the sky as night softly nudges the day away. So happy you'll be doing AEDM again. That means I have so many treats to look forward to .

Lorinda @ Everyday Endeavours said...

Judy, your trees are gorgeous! A stunning piece. And so are those quilts! thank you for sharing them with us. xx