Friday, November 1, 2013

Art Every Day Month

Hello Friends,
I am in Houston, Texas right now, 
Attending the International Quilt Show!!!!

I've decided to do Art Every Day Month for November,
As I've done for the past few years,
But can't begin posting artwork until I 
Get back home, on Monday.

I'll have some wonderful photos to post from the show,
As well as daily artwork.
As always, I'm excited about joining the AEDM community!

See you soon!


Simone said...

I wondered where you were Judy! Enjoy the show! I look forward to seeing your postings for Art Every day month.x

Custom Comforts said...

Oh Judy - how fun to be at a large quilt show. I know you must be enjoying yourself.
My sister and I used to attend Amish quilt shows/auctions in Pennsylvania many years ago and it was always fun to see the creativity, fabrics, and colors.
Have a great time.