Thursday, November 17, 2016

AEDM - Day 17

Today I went to my stitching group - wonderful friends who are working on all sorts of hand-stitched projects. I brought along this wool appliqué wall hanging which I had cut down and want to make into a pillow. I ripped out some border stitching to try to get as much width as possible.

I'll decide tomorrow whether it is really worth being used as a pillow. It is all hand stitched and would be something a bit different at my holiday fair table. I should probably keep it simple and just go for it!
I also fiddled with my paper lace angel design from two days ago. She will show up here again in the next few days!

Wishing everyone a wonderful Friday!!

1 comment:

Karen L R said...

your art every day is a lovely oasis these days, judy. thank you for posting so faithfully. xo