Monday, November 14, 2011

AEDM Day 14

Today I found another unfinished piece and decided to complete it. This is an embroidery I had started when I was designing my present blog banner.
First off, I determined the size I wanted and printed the words onto some white cotton, freezer paper -backed cotton. I quickly discovered that my current printer does not have an adjustment for paper thickness and I jammed it a couple of times before getting this done. I then drew my kitties with a purple, disappearing ink pen.  
I'm not that experienced with hand embroidery, although I did it as a little girl and really love the look of it. Instead of using an embroidery hoop, I fused the piece of white cotton onto some thin white flannel, for stability and so that the stitch ends wouldn't show through. (I pretty much make up my own rules when I do things!) I began embroidering and abandoned it at this point.

Today I finished embroidering everything but the whiskers. I used pastels, this box of which I've had since high school, and a pointy Q-tip to blend the color.

The final step was to add the whiskers. I love the texture of the embroidery, and the softness of the pastels. Now I can add this to my collection of Angus and Rosie art! They are very inspiring subjects!!

Have a Wonderful Day!!


carol l mckenna said...

They are lovely and very creative ~ Thanks for your wonderful supportive comments ~ Enjoy the day and Happy Creating ~ Carol (A Creative Harbor) and Share the Creative Journey)

Come join my Magical Monday Blog Hop is you haven't already ~ would love to have you ~ ^_^

A Splash of Ida said...

so cute!!!


Karen L R said...

such fun to read about your process, and see the end results as well. i'm very impressed with your steadfast commitment to AEDM!

sharon said...

Great post on the process, love the result. I like the idea of the flannel backing, too. Angus and Rosie must provide constant inspiration.
Got to love those kitties. Today I had to summon all the reserve I could muster to resist taking home a kitten from my Amish friends as I stopped there to deliver some of my chickens. Gosh they were adorable!
Good job, lady.

Unknown said...

I love that you make your own rules! I also have a box of pastels that I had in high school:)

Judy Hartman said...

Such great comments! Thanks for taking the time to pop over here! Carol, I'll check back about your blog hop. Ida and Karen, glad you like the kitties and the process! Sharon, you are a strong woman to resist a kitten!! And Bobbi, I'll bet your pastels aren't as old as mine! I just don't have the patience to follow patterns or rules! I like to wing it!

Libby Fife said...

Sweet babies! I like the part where you said that you make up your own rules. Go Judy, go!

Simone said...

A lovely addition to your Angus and Rosie art collection! x

Tracey FK said...

This is fantastic and I am so impressed with the number of different processes that you used... and the pastels worked great... don't you get a great sense of achievement when you finish something off that ha been sitting for ages!!!