Saturday, November 26, 2011

AEDM Day 26

Is it really day 26? As I write the title of this post, I'm amazed at how quickly this month has flown by! My creative juices have been lagging lately, but I want to finish the month on a good note.
It's a bit exhilarating to make creativity a priority for each and every day - waking up and thinking, "What shall I make today?". It's a good exercise and can make a creative person realize, I love this. I love the stimulation of my art materials, the flow of ideas, the possibilities! It's a good place to be and I'd love to be there all the time!

For now, I have these small efforts to share -

A little artificial flower arrangement I made for my mantle. The colors make me smile.

And a fused fabric background I put together for a soon to be finished picture.
Some flowers, some stitching and we'll be on our way!

Hope you have a beautiful Saturday!


Jennibellie said...

For a creative lag I'd say you've been damn productive, loving the picture can't wait to see it finished :) x

Anonymous said...

All these purples and blues make me smile, too :)

amanda white said...

Hi Judy,
Must be something in the air, I've been having a lean time over here too. Just gotta keep pegging away! That blue background looks intriguing ...
Agree so much about the excitement of the creativity buzz when it's flowing though.

Karen L R said...

that lovely flower arrangement would make a sweet notecard...just sayin'.

yarnahoy said...

Love the blues in the fabric collage!