Wednesday, November 9, 2011

AEDM Day 9

Yesterday I posted a fabric picture of a vase of flowers I had done, and Gwen, of Foxglove Hill, asked me to explain how I did it! So I decided to do a little tutorial of sorts.

I started out with a vase template, some sheer and semi-sheer printed fabrics, sharp scissors and a 4"x6" piece of background fabric ( in this case white ) which I fused onto a piece of watercolor paper and then deckle-edge cut the paper around the fabric. For this project I used Wonder-Under fusible web by Pellon to back all fabrics.

I held the vase template, under the semi-sheer fabric, up to the light to select the best placement, then traced it on the back and cut it out.


I freely cut into the sheer printed fabric, making organic leaf and petal shapes. I like to call these 'fantasy flowers'!

Here are the shapes I cut out.

I decided to slim down the vase a bit and started pressing petals and leaves, which had been backed with fusible web, in place lightly with a dry iron. I love using sheer fabrics because, when one shape is laid over the other, beautiful shadows are created. I found a different piece of sheer printed fabric with some darker greens and cut stems out of that.

This is as far as I got today, and it took one hour and ten minutes. I'm planning to add more details and I'll post the finished piece tomorrow!

Hope everyone is enjoying a great day!


Gwen said...

I am so excited, I can hardly contain myself. (Did you notice I have you up on my sidebar.)
I am going back now to drool over your posting and read it very
Thank you!!!!!!!!!!! :)
Gwen xx

Gwen said...

It is just GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!
Thank you again:)
Gwen xx

A Splash of Ida said...

This is so pretty!!! :-) And its easy to make as well!!!


Anonymous said...

very cool tutorial - thanks Judy :)

Stay inspired!

Denice @ inkstitch said...

Wow, this is so pretty... thank you so much for sharing the technique!

Tracey FK said...

I read this and think I could do that.... then I remember that I will probably burn myself with the iron about 100 times so I am sticking to paint... great demo though and thanks for sharing it xx

Libby Fife said...

That is a good little tutorial and lovely results of course:)

You know, fusing fabric to paper really interests me. The sheer fabrics in particular. Did you use some very lightweight Pellon? I think they make it in a "lingerie" weight don't they?

carol l mckenna said...

Lovely ~ great tutorial ~ namaste, Carol ^_^

Vee said...

I like where this is going so far! Nice, soft colors.

Thanks for sharing your process.