Sunday, November 27, 2011

AEDM Day 27

Yesterday we went on a longish ride for a wonderful visit with family. While Bill drove, I entertained myself by drawing in my sketchbook. I was looking at magazine photos for inspiration. I find that, by the time I sketch something, change a few details around, and then translate it into cut paper or fabric, it looks totally different from the original inspiration. Just one way of working - often times I just cut or draw directly from my imagination.

What are you working on today?

Hope you have a pleasant day!!


WrightStuff said...

I work in a similar fashion to you. Sometimes from memory, but I do find magazines are great for inspiration and showing you where to put your shading to best effect!

Gwen said...

You are clever Judy. It is not easy transferring from paper to fabic. I know you gave a brilliant tutorial, which I have not tried yet. I will one day, but I have little patience. Lovely face you have drawn and magazines are good for all sorts of inspiration.
(have not forgotten what I promised) :)

Christine said...

what a lovely face...very nice.

totsymae said...

Always good to have that sketchbook handy. Nice and smoothe line drawing. I've not managed that technique yet.

Jennifer Richardson said...

just hearing you describe your sketching makes my heart go sweet
with soothing,
I can feel the way it gentles me
when I doodle and draw.
Beautiful season to you,

Jess said...

I have a little book like that for out and about and I don't use it enough!
I'm sticking magazine bits into my (bigger) sketchbook and will put some paint on there later when it's dry. Love the sketches!
Jess xx

Simone said...

Great sketches Judy. What a great idea to get inspiration from pictures in magazines and adapt them. I may have to try this some time! x

Libby Fife said...

You sure have a knack for faces, Judy. This one is great as always:)

Anne Butera said...

I love this peek into your sketchbook! I work both ways, too. Sometimes with lots of pre-planning and sometimes with none.

So glad you did so much creating during AEDM!